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Custom Painting 

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Whether your vehicle needs a new paint as an upgrade or for restoration due to an accident, the paint specialists of the Uni-Tech Paint & Body Shop can bring about a great transformation of your car with excellent customized painting. Our PPG certified paint technicians use the advanced paint-match technology to get the perfect match to your current paint color. If you consider a custom painting in Union City for your car or another vehicle, our team can help you choose the right design and color to ensure an excellent look. With over three decades of extensive experience in the automobile collision repair and painting business, we are the most trusted service provider in custom painting in Union City.

Over the years your vehicle’s exterior paint begins to show wear due to exposure to various external elements. These elements are responsible to break down your vehicle’s paint color and diminish its shine. Whether it is to restore the luster or change the color of your car, our expert painters have the experience and skills in custom painting in Union City you can rely on. Their extraordinary paint job helps our clients show off their vehicles or refresh their appearance while expressing their personality. A vehicle collision repair needs a repaint to give the replacement parts a match to the overall color of the vehicle that results in a finished, seamless look at the end of the repair job. 

Unless you want to modify your vehicle’s look or need a collision repair or restoration job done, you might find it difficult to understand when it is the right time to consider a fresh coat of paint for your vehicle. You can think of an excellent custom painting in Union City for your vehicle to prevent rust, restore paint damage, fire damage, hail damage, promote personal flair, conceal stains, dirt, fingerprints, and for many other reasons.

Our Custom Auto Painting Work

If you are looking for high-quality paint and auto bodywork, then you have landed on the right page. Our auto paint and body services facility will make your car other any other vehicle a real head-turner. Uni-Tech provides a range of services in custom painting in Union City including designing custom paint jobs, custom airbrushing, flames, custom paint blends, pinstriping, two tones, and other patterns, whatever vehicle you need to paint in you chosen way. 

One of the excellent options of our custom painting in Union City, flames painting is performed with traditional hot rod paint and can be done in numerous ways from ultra-realistic to a single color. With unlimited patterns, no two flame paint jobs can be similar. Consider a metallic painting if you want your car to stand out in a crowd. Metallic paint contains metal flakes that make a car sparkle in the sun and reflect light. This type of paint is available in any color. Racing stripes are perfect not only for race cars but look magnificent on a variety of cars and vehicles. It can be done with one stripe on the driver’s side to 2 broad stripes along the center of the vehicle in a downward direction. Count on our talented auto painters to paint racing stripe or any other custom painting in Union City. In a two-tone paint job, the main body of the vehicle is painted in one color while the fenders or the roof is accented with another color. Our painters are specialists in custom painting in Union City who can give your car a unique look with a two-tone painting. 

We are experts in custom painting in Union City from concept to completion that includes original design, preparation, painting, finish, and polish. Complete or partial restoration paint jobs, full paintwork with a single color, and custom color change are some of our additional services in custom painting in Union City. Besides, our team can perform more custom paint jobs with unmatched quality and unbeatable prices. To find out what they can do, contact us immediately. 

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