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Paintless Dent Removal in College Park

Uni-Tech is a reputable auto collision repair and dent removal company providing the highest quality of service for over three decades. We specialize in repairing dents, large or small, hail damage, bumper damage, fender, and door dings without using any paint. Our quality service for paintless dent removal in College Park is guaranteed to exceed your expectations. Our 24/7 availability and flexible work hours and days help you reach us anytime when you need it. We have stood the test of time with our reliable and ongoing service for our esteemed clients and many automobile businesses. 

Our fully certified and highly trained repair specialists use modern and up-to-date products and tool kits for paintless dent removal in College Park and provide you with the quality of service that you deserve. We have in stock a full line of aftermarket accessories and parts for all vehicle makes and models to be able to serve you when you drive in our facility with any vehicle repair needs. We offer exceptional services at affordable prices that are far cheaper than many other auto body repair centers in the region. When we work on your vehicle for paintless dent removal in College Park, we do it by keeping the original factory finish in your vehicle, thereby keeping your vehicle’s value. We make sure not to delay our customers for repairing a typical dent and we do it within a few hours that other auto body repair shops can take a few days. With attention to detail and making use of advanced techniques and tools, we restore your vehicle to its original look and feel or even better. 

What is Paintless Dent Removal?

A vehicle, when driven on busy roads, is bound to become a victim of dents and dings. When it happens whom do you turn to? Uni-Tech Paint & Body Shop has established its reputation among its large volume of customers as an effective and inexpensive service provider of paintless dent removal in College Park. Our advanced dent repairing technique offers more value for money than traditional dent repair methods and is proven to take the best care for your vehicle’s exterior body condition. 

We are specialists in paintless dent removal in College Park that uses no fillers and sanding like that in traditional dent repair methods. This process is environmentally friendly, takes less time to be completed and inexpensive. Here is our step-by-step process of addressing dings and dents on a vehicle’s body. 

Inspect the Damaged Area

As the first step of our paintless dent removal in College Park, we assess the damage to know where and how big is the dent. After assessing the damaged part of your vehicle closely, we prepare the area around the dent to start repairing it. 


Get Access to the Dent

To remove a dent on a vehicle you need to reach the back part of the dent that may require removing interior panels, tail lights, or body panels. Once we gain entry to the dent, we can repair any dent on any vehicle body with unmatched quality that’s why we are considered the best service provider of paintless dent removal in College Park. The perfection of our work is possible due to the expertise and precision of our trained technicians that have satisfied countless of our customers since our inception. 


Applying Slow Pressure on the Area

At the final step of paintless dent removal in College Park, our expert mechanics utilize special tools to softly massage the exterior body back to its original state. The entire process of our paintless dent removal in College Park can be completed with same day service based on the severity of the dent. It provides amazing results, even more, when considering how quick and non-invasive the process is. 

If you are looking for a reliable auto repair shop for superior quality paintless dent removal in College Park, rely on us and get your vehicle appearance restored in a matter of few hours. Connect with us to get our free estimate. 

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